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Discover Lithuania offers catering services as well. From simple table reservation in cafes, bars and restaurants to business lunches, dinners and other formal meetings, in a much more relaxing and easier way to make the reasonable agreement. Moreover, if you would like to surprise your partner or have an exclusive dining we also organize informal meetings/reservations: a heavenly supper surrounded by great Vilnius panorama; dinner in complete darkness, or the authentic Lithuanian noblemen lunch.

We invite all of our tourists to get acquainted with traditional Lithuanian dishes. Naturally, our national cuisine has historic links to and is influenced by other cuisines; nevertheless it is characterized by specific features and allows us to talk about it as a separate tradition. Although Lithuanian culinary heritage is considered to be mostly potato dishes (such as Zeppelins; long roasted sausages made of washed pork’s guts stuffed with potatoes; flat grated potato dish; various pancakes), we are also proud of more specific dishes and products: exclusive rye or/and wheat bread, cold borscht and beetroot soup, “Little doves”, curd cheese, Lithuanian style cakes.

Separate paragraph is necessary to describe traditional Lithuanian drinks: its majesty – the beer, which has won international awards; non-alcoholic kvass – made by using the natural fermentation of wheat and flavoured raisins; the most ancient Lithuanian drink made with honey – “Midus” and loads of other herbal bitters and spirits used in traditional medicine. If you are fascinated about tasting something stronger and exceptional – join us and we will take you to the best Lithuanian restaurants and bars. Be aware of overeating, because the food is just too good to be left in the plate!

While exploring Lithuanian cuisine, we offer special educational tours, where you will be able to discover not only our unique recipes and take a glimpse at the secrets of cooking process, but also to put to the test your cooking abilities. The most ethnographic program presents the secrets of the daily bread: from the rye sowing, threshing, milling, flour sieving till bread mixing, tanning, forming and baking in the authentic bread oven.

Discovering the world of Lithuanian beer is both educational and entertaining excursion, providing with a variety of choices. From the history lectures about brewing traditions, beer generation, myths and legends, to visits to breweries and tastings of more than 11 different types of beer! Discover flavours and tastes; learn beer and food matching principles. At first glance brewer’s ingredients are quite simple – malt, hops, water and the yeast, but there are hundreds of bright and dark malt types, more than fifty different types of hops and thousands variations of yeast. Are you ready for the beer way?

We also provide a special educational excursion about the pearl of Karaite tradition – Kybyn, organized in one of the most loved towns by tourists – Trakai. When you try out the sleight of finger-twisting, you realize how special and interesting cooking process is. A cake with meat sounds simple, but just here you have a unique opportunity to learn tartar kitchens’ secrets.

Finally we never forget our gourmands. Special for them: the chocolate cooking show; the baking lesson of gourmet “Hundred leaves pie” (Lithuanian poppy seed cake) and of rather difficult but sublime – Šakotis (Lithuanian variation of German ‘’baumkuchen’’, with a very distinctive branching way), as well as other sweet excursions also available by individual request. Do not forget – it is better to see once, than to hear a hundred times! Let the eye see, the heart feel and the palate fall in love...

Alternatively email us: info@discoverlithuania.biz

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