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Ethno-cosmology Museum

Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology is the first and the only museum of its kind in the world. The idea of Ethnocosmology was born in Molėtai district, on the hills of Kaldiniai. In 1990 the head of the Astronomical Observatory Gunaras Kakaras and a doctor of the Institute of Physics Libertas Klimka – big enthusiast of ethnic culture – found a common point, which was the relationship between national traditions and the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars. This was the origins of Ethnocosmology with the museum’s name and the future. Broadly speaking the concept means human communication with mankind and it’s links to the representation of the cosmic world as well as a manifestation of living traditions, rituals, material heritage, science, technology, literature, art, philosophy, religion, science fiction and Futurology.

The main goal of Lithuanian Museum of Ethnocosmology is to collect, accumulate, systematize, preserve, and research the information about the relationship between a man (and the mankind) and the Cosmic World, and to transmit it to the visitors. The museum comprises of three sections. The first one is a five-hall underground gallery, where Ethnocosmology is presented by ethnology, history of science, and both philosophical and astronomical point of views. At the lecture you will learn more about Ethnocosmology ideas and key topics, digital images of space; you will also be introduced with the best telescopes and spacecraft cameras.

Finally the last section of the museum is an outdoor exposure, also worth visiting. Various programs are organized in the Ethnocosmology museum: the day program, the night program with the 40 cm telescope, the night program with the 80 cm telescope (duration 1-1/5 hours after sunset), the consolation program (arranged in the evening, when a large cloud cannot take a night tour), as well as the solar observations and viewing the surrounding districts.

Excursion to the Ethnocosmology museum can be a wonderful entertainment not only for romantics, but for every-one of us! Who knows, maybe you will get a chance to see a falling star?

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