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  • Discover Lithuania Ecotourism
  • Ecotourism in Lithuania
  • Lithuania ecotourism
  • Lithuania ecotourism


In recent years, ecotourism, eco travel, green travel, nature-based travel, agro and ecological tourism or just generally “eco” – terms that have become popular all around the world, including Lithuania. The definition describes responsible travelling while seeking to avoid any environmental and social impact.

Lithuania, known as one of the most ethnical destinations, is perfect for restoring physical and mental harmony. It can perfectly help you to escape the bustling city and exchange it to the gorgeous countryside. Rural tourism in Lithuania offers beautiful nature, which is minimally affected by human hand; lovely stay-ins with locals; home cooked meals; local products (such as honey, besoms, jams, medicinal herbs, berries) and a thoughtful leisure, whose main purpose is to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

We offer you a wide range of stay-ins. You can choose between a small room to a huge farmstead, stay for a night or a few months, rest alone or with company. Countryside (all across the country) could also be a perfect place to hold a party, a feast or celebrate any other special occasion.

Especially for nature-based travellers we offer exclusive Eco tours: by local vehicles (trains, buses, aircrafts); bicycle tours (more than 100 routes in Lithuania); camping; travelling by caravan, house on wheels, trailer house or camper; hiking (walking tour). Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to live in the wild, to equip the camp, set up the tent, light the fire without combustible liquid, cook the tourist soup and boil the tea on fire.

Now is the best time to go back to nature!

If you are looking for ecotourism, please complete the form and we will find you the most suitable offer.

If you are looking for services of ecotourism, please complete the form and we suggest you the best proposition.

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