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Medical tourism

Discover Lithuania Ltd. welcomes people from various countries not only for tourism, but also offers medical tourism. It means inviting people who travel from one country or city to another country or city for medical and/or wellness services.

Lithuania is one of the best destinations for medical tourism because of a variety of high quality and affordable services, which satisfy international healthcare standards. Well-developed infrastructure of private institutions, specialized clinics, modern and secure equipment and methods – main advantages of medical tourism in Lithuania. Not forgetting affordable prices – here you have low price and high quality alternative. Moreover, the number of highly educated doctors and dentists is bigger than average in European Union. Besides, the accessibility of Lithuanian medical services is joy-bringing: we can offer comprehensive diagnosis in maximum one day. Not forgetting a professional patient approach: attention, care, empathy, sensitivity and warmth. When you take all of this into account it is easy to see why that makes Lithuania an attractive country for medical tourism.

We provide you with integrated or separate medical services, including treatments, plastic surgery and dental services. You will receive a high quality diagnosis and health check-up, instrumental and laboratory examinations, doctor’s advice and treatment prescriptions, a selection of appropriate treatment methods, minimally invasive (such as endoscopic, laparoscopic) or surgical operations, post – operative care, recovery and rehabilitation (including care in sanatoriums, convalescent homes, rehabilitation centres, others providing medical spa). Wide selection of surgeries: abdominal cavity and general; bariatric, coloproctology, genecology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, urology, and vascular surgery. The most recommended ones are cardiac, hip and knee replacement and urological surgery.

Plastic surgery in Lithuania – is Western quality for half-price. We promise you: high care standards, modern technology and short waiting time. Nose, eyelid, forehead and neck lifting, wrinkles correction, ear bending, breast plastic, tautening of abdomen wall, gynecomastia, hand, penis plastic, genitalia plastic, fat grafting, liposuction, calf correction, foot surgery and other plastic operations are available in Lithuania.

The dentistry in Lithuania is another greatly recommended service in medical tourism, where the best service and the best quality for every patient are guaranteed. All kinds of dental services available: diagnosis and treatment, orthodontics, periodontists, fixed prosthesis, implants, sinus lifting operation, wisdom tooth removals, paediatric odontology, professional hygiene of the oral cavity, teeth whitening, laser dentistry and others.

Lithuania is a country of high quality medical services – come here and see for yourself!

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